Boreal Coffee Shop collaborates with effectChange. to support children in India

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March 24, 2016
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June 16, 2016

Boreal Coffee Shop collaborates with effectChange. to support children in India

effectChange is a young and a dynamic NGO based in Geneva, Switzerland that aims at enhancing the literacy rate in developing countries like India and Kenya, thus, eventually supporting their social and economic development. They value every kid as worthy of his/her right to learn and earn and with effectChange, they wish to fulfil their first dream of being educated. effectChange foresees themselves as an umbrella organisation providing financial and ethical shadow to the local NGOs in these countries, so that they can further complete their goals and objectives.

effectChange focuses on providing the best of education to underprivileged kids, yet not compromising on their nourishment, growth and the learning environment. Their idea is to build a self-sustainable project in these countries that would consequently provide education to the kids on their own without depending on any external factors, resources or restrictions. As Matthew Martin, the Founder and President of effectChange quotes, “At one point in our lives, we strive to do good in our world, this is our time. Let’s effectChange”. Bangalore, India as one of their foundation and the initial set-up is offering free and quality education to 70 kids along with the school necessities and a proper learning environment. They wish to grow further in terms of serving them with one warm meal a day, free school supplies, continuous education till fourth grade and preliminary rented and then built schools.

effectChange. is happy to announce the collaboration with Boreal Coffee Shop in Geneva, Switzerland. The duo will produce tote bags and 100% of the profits will be used by the NGO to support the project in India.

Boreal Coffee Shop is a convivial meeting place in the heart of Geneva with its first café opened six years ago. Now in three locations across the city, customers can expect an amazing experience from bean to cup. Boreal Coffee is committed to sourcing the finest quality coffee beans from farmers around the world, directly traded where possible, and roasted with love each week in their artisanal roastery in Acacias, then delivered to the cafes.

Together both the organisations believe in bestowing the best financial assistance pertinent to their periphery and ability. Boreal Coffee Shop is generously donating 100% profit from the bags to the organisation for accomplishing its goals. Let’s also try to contribute to give back to our society to which we belong by purchasing these bags.

Thank you for your support.