An update from our school in Kenya!

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May 10, 2016

An update from our school in Kenya!

Isegeretoto Organic Food Self-Sufficiency Program had a goal of supplying food for Isegeretoto School since February 2015, whereby it enabled it to reach 39% of self-sufficiency within one year. Its three aims: facilitating Isegeretoto‘s food self-sufficiency, doing practical research on how to reach the industrials countries‘ standards of living by relying on local available resources, and teaching its knowledge to the poor surrounding communities

An increasing reliance on locally available means is considered to play a key role in development. As most Kenyan homes have no access to the efficient but expensive western resources of living, a real development could best be achieved by finding new resources, that anyone could have access to. However, as the vegetal world multiplies itself easily, whereby making the option of owning it difficult, little attention has been put on its ability to provide meaningful agricultural inputs or health care.

Teso district, that is located in western Kenya, has remained since Kenya‘s independence in 1963 one of the most marginalised districts in the country. us accounting approximately 80% of unemployment and preventing its population from having access to efficient alimentation, health care and education. e only fact to develop ways for the poorest to sustain himself without any use of money and to ensure the basic medical care by using local plants, could dramatically change people‘s lives.

We thank you for your continued support.


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