Bangalore, India

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ATSWA is a non-government organization, which strongly believes in alleviating poverty and bringing about social justice for people and empowering them to live with human dignity. With a similar goal as effectChange, ATSWA helps the downtrodden, people with sustainable and indigenous livelihood activities that eventually promotes progress for young children and adults alike. Vision: They lay a huge emphasis on educating the poor illiterate people through awareness programs, opening their senses to a world of health, prosperity and progress. ATSWA Trust cares for the poor orphan and semi orphan children, Children at risk, Children with HIV, people with disabilities and with special reference to Children with all kinds of disabilities.


They provide poor orphan and semi orphan children with support for education, food and clothing. It currently supports over 240 (boys -90 and girls.150). They reach out to the daughters of the sex-workers who consequently are forced to follow their mothers and become a prey to sexually transmitted diseases. They have built special residential hostels for them. They care for physically and mentally disabled young adults by giving them vocational training, financial assistance and securing government facilities. .


ATSWA has established Non Formal Schools as a means to provide remedial teaching for the school dropouts and additional coaching for the school going children. ATSWA Trust has started Day Care centers for the Tsunami affected children in Pulicat, providing day-care for the preschool children belonging to the Dalit and tribal fishermen communities. Kids are provided with nutritious lunch during their stay from morning till evening.


With their vision and mission in place, effectChange believes in continuing its path of progress to achieve its motives and soon to re-establish a proper building for the kids. With support from ATSWA Trust, effectChange would get that much important time and funding that would be required for the forthcoming expansion projects as well.

Education is the key to empowerment.