Earth Focus Foundation

What is Sustainabus?

The Sustainabus is a mobile sustainability model. It will travel around the greater Geneva region filled with changing displays covering the different themes of sustainable development. It will help people understand sustainability, give visibility to local associations, and create action for a better world. .

Why Sustainabus?

The Earth Focus Foundation believes that it is through the collective impact of each individual that we can spread long lasting well-being at a global level. The bus will serve as a vector to not only spread awareness of our responsibilities, but also show the value of acting for the well-being of oneself and those all around us.

Events will be brought to the schools or communities visited, with music, games, activities, and local products to sell. Whilst people enjoy the event, a given theme of sustainability will be discussed, and suggest ways of acting individually or in ones community. .

For many years the Earth Focus Foundation has helped youth voice their concerns about sustainability. Now, they want to spread the word throughout society thanks to many projects: The Sustainabus, a building for sustainability, Green maps, and the sustainability word portal.

The Project:

Sustainable development is fast becoming the biggest issue of modern days. Educational programs on sustainable development are efficient tools to ensure that people, and more specifically youth, become more informed citizens, make the right choices and pull together to make positive changes for the planet and humanity. In Switzerland, the federal constitution refers to the classical definition of sustainable development and formulated a strategy to provide an efficient educational framework to foster children and young students in an attempt to ‘train and engage them in becoming more conscious and active citizens (AGEFI, October 2010). Education of sustainable development (éducation au développement durable) is a component of the public mandate for education in Switzerland. It is an integral part of compulsory education in each canton (DIP + DFJC) whose goal is to ensure that students acquire the skills and knowledge to participate in sustainable development on environmental, social and economic levels. (CDIP, 2015). According to the former FEE (Fondation Suisse pour l’Education à l’Environnement), access to quality food and drinkable water, climate change and environmental destruction are the major worldwide challenges to youth. Most of them are willing to actively engage. ( However globally citizens of Geneva are not educated enough when it comes to sustainable development. When discussing problematics linked with sustainability, most of them seem to know about environmental issues but are not aware of many solutions even locally. They are even less aware about the social and economical effects of sustainability (and Climate Change). The Sustainabus will not only sensitizes people towards solutions, but will also aim at bringing people together with a common goal, through physical and virtual contact at any time throughout the year. The structure itself of global modern society needs to change. A local approach to a global issue is all that most individual citizens can achieve. People need to understand that their actions, however small, do have a collective global impact. The Sustainabus will symbolize the grassroots movements that sustainability needs by bringing these values to people’s and educational institutions’ doorsteps.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is not only about the environment. It is the blueprint for a new society that will promote lasting well-being for everyone and everything on the planet. Therefore it not only takes into account the environment, but also stable economic growth, and social collaboration on a global scale. For these three pillars to work in harmony, new economic, societal, and political paradigms need to evolve. The path to get there is long, and it starts with you.